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The Wingman is a robotic solution for fried foods like wings, fries and more. From breading, frying, tossing, saucing and packing, the Wingman does it all.

Frying solution “The Wingman" is the latest innovation from Nala; a fully automated, multi-fryer, robotic chef with a small footprint. It’s a complete solution to the restaurant or commercial food service operation to easily customize the extended menu offerings like chicken wings, tenders, nuggets, and fries. It easily dip’s them in oil and shake off any excess to serve instantly.

“The Wingman" frying station allows different cooked foods to simultaneously be sent to individual seasoning bins where spices or sauces are added, curated and mixed to ensure every wing or food item is evenly coated. It offers customization to add multi-fryers for handling to breading to frying, tossing, saucing, and even packing. It is efficient, accurate, consistent and embedded with an automatic cleaning process. With its built-in clean in place functionality, The Wingman uses artificial intelligence and high-performance camera and vision systems to significantly improve efficiency for high-volume deep frying, while maintaining high-quality consistency.

“The Wingman" does it all with no human intervention. The hot and crispy wings are blended with the tastiest seasonings and flavored sauces. It can operate 24/7 and Nala Chef will allow you to serve on the go even in the off-peak hours of restaurants. With its natural language processing capability that responds to orders from customers at the point of sale or operational commands from the kitchen, it reduces customer time and dramatically increases productivity.