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How do I Purchase NALA Products?

We are taking enquiries for all our products from Book a Demo form or you can reach us at info@nalarobotics.com, Call @ (833) 392-6561

And order with current lead time would be 15-30 days, Pro Installation occurs overnight for Pizzaiola and The Wingman.

Where can NALA deliver the Robotic Kitchens?

Now, the list of countries includes: all countries of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom.

We are working on expanding our geography of deliveries. Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive the updates.

Where can I see the Fully Automated Robotic Kitchen?

Register and send us request for demo (or) visit our product pages for videos.

How advanced is Nala Robotics compared to other robotics companies?

Nala Robotics has gained recognition for their innovative solutions, running successful businesses in technology and culinary industries and collaborations with other companies.

What are some of the challenges that food industry sector has overcome with Nala Robotics?
  1. Complexity of Food Preparation
  2. Safety and Hygiene
  3. Customer Preferences
  4. Cost
  5. Integration with Existing Infrastructure.
  6. Human Interaction

Overall, Nala Robotics develops efficient, productive robots for the food industry sector.

What is the mission of Nala Robotics?

The mission of Nala Robotics is to create innovative robotic solutions that improve the efficiency and productivity of culinary industries.

Where is Nala Robotics located?

Nala Robotics Corporate HQ-Arlington Heights 135 E. Algonquin Road, Suite B, Arlington Heights, IL 60005.

What are some of the collaborations of Nala Robotics?
  • Nala Robotics, Ovention and Hatco Corporation to Introduce Robotic Pizza Solution.
  • Nala Robotics and Saudi Excellence Co. to Establish First AI-Based Robotic Cloud Kitchen and R&D Center in Saudi Arabia.
What is Nala Robotics vision for the future of robotics?

Nala Robotics envisions a future where robots are implied in restaurants which enhance the productivity and sustainability across culinary industries.

What are some of the technical specifications of Nala Robotics?

The technical specifications of Nala Robotics:

  • Cooking consistency
  • 24/7 operations
  • Scalable model


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