Spotless-Fully Automated Robotic Dishwasher


Fully Automated Robotic Dishwasher

Spotless by Nala - a fully automated, robotic dishwasher that tackles the toughest jobs of the food industry with ease. With Spotless, you can customize your existing kitchen layout and sit back as its high-performance camera systems and machine learning take care of everything from scrubbing to storage.

This Spotless detects, pre-cleans, rinses, dries, stacks, and stores a vast array of kitchenware - all while operating 24/7 with zero human intervention.

Trust us, Spotless will leave your dishes sparkling and your kitchen staff with more time to focus on what is important. The monthly rental options for The Spotless starts at $2,995 per month.

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Spotless is a AI-Powered robotic dishwashing solution for restaurant Industry.

Where the Spotless can Mount?

Spotless can enable any professional, entrepreneur, or fast food chain to easily open a proprietary, cloud-based kitchen.

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  • Fast Food Chain RestaurantsFast Food Chain Restaurants
  • Commercial KitchensCommercial Kitchens
  • customizedIt can be customized for any size of kitchens.


Quick and Easy Setup

Place the equipment in place, check all the safety features, connect the power cables and check the Battery percentage before the operation.

Spotless is ready to start!

Control System

User-interface allows you to allocate the task to cobot and select the operations.

It also provides you with the Start / Stop / Pause option and monitors the performance.

Automate the workflow
Streamline your workflow

With its advanced language processing system, Spotless, can work 24/7 and respond to orders or

kitchen commands, reducing wait times and increasing productivity

Fast and Reliable
Fast and Reliable

Spotless cleans the dishes in less than a minute along with ensuring better cleaning.

It guarantees reliability and reduces worries about staffing, safety and equipment breakage.

Deliver a good dining experience to your customers and leave the cleaning hassle to Spotless.

Safe around People
Safe around People

Spotless has a 360° protection and stops in case of any interference.

Emergency stop option is available in user interface as well as physical setup.

Every action is logged
Every action is logged

Spotless tracks every dish cleaned.

Technical Specifications

Everything you need to know about Spotless.

  • Mobile cobot with AI powered
  • Dimensions: (L*B*H - 2.5*2.5*3.5 ft.)
  • 48V 120AH Battery pack

Artificial Intelligence, high performance camera and vision system to improve the efficiency.


Spotless works with any kind of dishwasher.


Industry 4.0 – integrated interconnectivity, automation, machine learning and real time data.


spotless can be customized as per customers layout

Energy and connectivity
  • Energy: 48v 120AH DC battery operated.
  • Connectivity: User-Interface & Mobile application.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Spotless by Nala™?

Spotless by Nala™ is a fully automated robotic dishwasher that provides a complete dishwashing solution from scrubbing to storage.

It uses high-performance camera systems and Machine Learning to detect and wash utensils, cookware, cutlery, dishware, and glassware.

How does Spotless work?

Spotless uses high-performance camera systems and Machine Learning to detect different types of utensils, cookware, cutlery, dishware, and glassware.

It removes leftovers, pre-cleans, rinses, and dries the items according to industry-leading hygiene standards. It also has the capability to organize and store a vast array of kitchenware.

Can Spotless be customized to fit existing kitchen layouts?

Yes, Spotless can easily be added to existing kitchen layouts and provides easy customization options. This ensures that the robotic dishwasher can fit seamlessly into any commercial kitchen.

What types of utensils and kitchenware can Spotless wash?

Spotless can wash a wide range of utensils and kitchenware, including cookware, cutlery, dishware, and glassware. It can also stack and store a vast array of kitchenware.

Does Spotless require any human intervention?

No, Spotless operates 24/7 with no requirement of human intervention. This ensures a continuous flow of clean dishes without the need for additional labor.

How much does Spotless cost?

Our Spotless product can be bought with a simple RaaS monthly pricing. It includes hardware, software updates, professional maintenance, service calls, training and 24/7 live support.

The Spotless starts at around $2995 per month depending on configuration options.


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