Nala Robotics - World's First Fully Automated Restaurant

Nala Robotics leverages robotic technology and proprietary AI and ML to revolutionize the culinary industry. Its innovations include the world's first fully automated multi-cuisine chef, customizable robots that use machine learning to cook infinite recipes replicated with exact precision anytime, anywhere. With always-on vision and sensor processing capabilities, more than 1,200 parameters are checked every microsecond, ranging from robot field of vision to food quality to point-of-sales, ensuring safety and enhanced productivity. The company’s Nala Marketplace Restaurant-as-a-Service platform enables any professional or at-home chef, entrepreneur or fast-food chain to easily open a proprietary, cloud-based kitchen in less than 24 hours.

Cooking consistency

You know how the dish should taste to satisfy your customers, and Nala can recreate it with machine-like precision.

24/7 operations

No need to close your restaurant for holidays, late night hours, or social distancing considerations. With Nala’s robotic chefs, your restaurant can operate 24/7.

Scalable model

Nala is your international solution, fully trained and ready to serve any city in the world. We make it easier for you to do business.

Taste the future


Easy to open simple to operate

Chef Nala never quits, gets sick,
or clocks out!


Consistent quality

Each dish is perfectly made-to-order every single time.


Customizable meals

Build-your-own pizza, pasta, pad thai, and more with the ingredients you love most.


Scalable worldwide

Chef Nala speaks every language and cooks every cuisine.


Low overhead costs

Save on staffing costs while collecting extra profit from 24/7 hours, carryout, and meal subscriptions.


Opensource Platform

Easy to use mobile app technology connects Chef Nala to the world and you to your customers.

Nala Business Verticals

It's not just a robot, Nala redefines the entire ecosystem of the food service industry.