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Spotless by NalaTM, is the latest innovation from Nala, a fully automated robotic dishwasher provides pragmatic solution to tackle food industry’s toughest and hardest jobs. Spotless provides complete dishwashing solution from scrubbing to storage.

Dishwashing system 'Spotless' can easily be added to professional kitchens and provides easy customization to existing layouts.

Spotless dishwasher uses high performance camera systems and Machine Learning to provide a complete dishwashing solution from scrubbing to storage. The highly intelligent robot with the help of vision systems detects utensils, cookware, cutlery, dishware, and glassware, remove leftovers, pre-cleaning and rinsing based on Industry leading hygiene standards, and as well as dry, stack and store hundreds of varieties of utensils and kitchenware.

Spotless operates 24/7 with no human intervention needed.

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