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Pizzaiola 1.0

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Introducing PizzaiolaTM, a fully automated, multi-cuisine, 7-axis robotic chef & kitchen within a 12’ x 12’ footprint that provides a complete solution for restaurateurs to easily customize a pizzeria-style eatery with expanded menu items such as pasta, burgers and wings, among other food options.

Equipped with natural language processing features, Pizzaiola can respond to spoken menu orders at the point-of-sale or operational commands in the kitchen, saving time for customers and vastly improving productivity. Additionally, more than 1,200 parameters are checked every microsecond, ranging from robot field of vision to food quality and point-of-sales, ensuring safety and enhanced productivity.

Pizzaiola is a fully robotic pizza maker that can cook up to 50 pizzas an hour, providing consumers with an endless array of customized choices and styles, from Chicago to Neapolitan and everything in between. Most importantly, this model allows kitchens to seamlessly add friers, grills and other food making and prep stations within the same 144-square foot area to offer additional menu items, such as fries, burgers, wings, salads, pasta and more.

To help restauranteurs create truly unique food experiences, Nala Robotics’ modular solution also gives kitchens the opportunity to choose from a variety of pizza ovens, which include traditional, conveyor-style or brick, among other styles and brands. Other appliances such as friers, grills, pasta and salad stations can be easily added.

Pizzaiola offers 35 choices of toppings and cheeses, five dough types and four varieties of sauces. The entire pizza making process is fully automated with no human intervention. The one-arm AI robot selects and presses the dough, adds the toppings and sauces, and then cooks, slices, and boxes the pizzas in 8-, 10- 12- 16- or 18-inch sizes.

Nala Robotics’ machine learning technology enables Pizzaiola to cook infinite recipes replicated with exact precision anytime, anywhere. In addition to on-premise ordering via multi-modal kiosk for in-dining or takeout, restaurants can create virtual storefronts for remote transactions through a website or online food ordering and delivery platform. Once placed, orders are subsequently sent to Pizzaiola where they are fulfilled, picked up or delivered to intended customers.

While the restaurant industry continues to experience labor shortages, consumers still crave unique dining experiences. Everyone loves pizza and the Pizzaiola platform enables restaurants to serve a variety of popular dishes beyond pizza that will increase revenue per square foot as well as eliminate many of the operational costs associated with brick-and-mortar establishments. Analysis has shown that Pizzaiola can provide the same output as two full-time workers, plus be able to work 24-7-365, and yield a solid return on investment in less than two years.

Monthly leasing options for Pizzaiola start at $7,000 per month. Contact us at for more information on pricing and customized solutions.