AI Company Nala Robotics Introduces The Wingman

The Wingman
Self-cleaning Autonomous Robot Cooks Chicken Wings, Fries and Other Food Items

Arlington Heights, Ill., Sept. 27, 2022 – Nala Robotics, an AI technology company fueling restaurant cooking automation, today introduced The Wingman™, an autonomous fry station that can easily be added or configured to any restaurant or commercial food service operation.

The Wingman by Nala Robotics can pick up and load the frying baskets with chicken wings, French fries and other food items, dip them in oil and shake off any excess. The multi-fryer configuration allows different cooked foods to simultaneously be sent to individual seasoning bins where spices or sauces are added and properly mixed to ensure every wing or food item is evenly coated. Each dish is then subsequently plated, ready to be served.

“The Wingman is our latest robot to help restaurants and other food providers boost efficiency in the kitchen and scale production, while minimizing the potential for contamination,” said Ajay Sunkara, CEO of Nala Robotics. “It’s no secret that chicken wings are a very popular food choice in America and across the globe, prepared in a variety of styles and cuisines. This is where our technology is essential, where we can cook an endless array of dishes, while at the same time meet high consumer demand as labor shortages continue to challenge the industry worldwide.”

With its built-in clean in place functionality, The Wingman uses artificial intelligence and high-performance camera and vision systems to significantly improve efficiency for high-volume deep frying, while maintaining high-quality consistency.

Monthly rental options for The Wingman start at $2,999 per month. Email for more information on pricing and customized solutions.  

Download a short video of The Wingman here or by visiting

About Nala Robotics

Nala Robotics is an AI technology company disrupting the culinary industry. Its innovations include the world’s first fully automated multi-cuisine chef, a customizable robot that uses machine learning to cook infinite recipes replicated with exact precision anytime, anywhere. The company’s line of autonomous robotic solutions are ideal of multiple cuisines including American, Chinese, Indian and Thai. Based in Arlington Heights, Ill., Nala Robotics has offices in California, India and Ukraine. For more information, visit or follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter @nalarobotics.

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George Medici

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